About Us

Jeff Overman, owner and principal designer, studied at the University of Texas, School of Architecture and successfully completed the exams of the American Institute of Building Design (A.I.B.D.) to earn the designation of Certified Professional Building Designer. Jeff has been a professional member of the American Institute of Building Design and Texas Institute of Building Design (T.I.B.D.) since 1988. Jeff has recently had the honor of being the local chapter president of T.I.B.D. for two consecutive years and currently sits on the T.I.B.D. Board of Directors, as well as being an active member of Austin’s A.I.A. Residential Committee.

Sue Overman came on board in 1999 and has been a valuable member of the design team ever since. As principal designers of Overman Custom Design, Jeff and Sue believe in getting to know their clients in order to provide a home design that is unique to the home owner’s lifestyle. Jeff and Sue provide personal service that extends beyond the completion of your plans. They consider it very important to be available to answer any questions that may arise during the construction process.

Jeff and Sue have been involved with many state and local issues including the designer’s right to work /AIA architectural practice act, the hotly debated City of Austin ‘McMansion’ ordinance, and the City of Austin duplex ordinance. They have also been involved in accessibility and green building issues.